Diane Piktialis

artist statement

Artist Statement: Diane Piktialis

My subjects are twofold - nature and whimsy.

I am a New England artist specializing in the natural world. My inspiration comes from New England’s dynamic seasonal transitions, with their changing colors and patterns. Using a variety of media - collage, printmaking, painting, drawing, and found objects - my works evoke nature's intricate designs and dynamics and range from sweeping landscapes to the botanical details of a single flower or leaf.

I hope my art will surprise the viewer into seeing what our eyes often pass over, from the stark beauty of birch bark in a winter forest to the hundreds of tiny flowers that make a single lilac blossom in the spring. Careful, intentional observation helps me to capture the stunning beauty of the natural world that more often than not goes unnoticed in today’s hectic world.

Whimsy is a second and quite different focus in some of my workl. I use mixed media to portray fanciful thoughts and behaviors that depict the interplay between people and their environment, real or imagined, and that bring a playful or humorous bent to 21st century dilemmas. In one work, a young man insists that poetry is the way to a girl's heart since that is why his mother fell for his father, yet one also sees a young woman catching dollar bills with a butterfly net. Two very different versions of "what a girl wants."

I hope you will explore the work on this website and email me with any comments or requests.


Diane Piktialis is a multi-media artist and has completed coursework in drawing, printmaking, painting, collage and botanical art. She studied the use  of mixed media at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts and has studied botanical illustration and watercolor at the Wellesley College Botanical Garden and pleine air painting with Todd Bonita and Christopher Volpe in southern Maine. Piktialis is an active participant in Brookline Open Studios and has exhibited her work in the Brookline Public Library, Brookline Bank, Eastern Bank and in various shows of the New England Society of Botanical Artists

She is a member of the American and the New England Societies of Botanical Artists.

Her work can be found in private collections in New York and throughout New England.


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